Gina Belly Dance

Gina is a professional belly dance instructor in North Georgia. She also performs in various events and is available upon request and appointment. She captivates the audience with charismatic and elegant routine mesmerizing the crowd with her talent, grace and style.

Originally from Colombia, Gina began dance training when she moved to United States at the age 15 years old. She continues to perform and teach all over the world. Gina teaches belly dances regularly and loves what she does which shows in her smile.

She gathers her inspiration through her hard work in practice, desire of the art and reaction from the crowd  The way Gina describes the dance in itself is amazing. It is a conversation through artful movement and tells a story. Somber, excited, happy or sad are all of the emotions one can feel while watching her.

Her love and passion for the art allows her freedom beyond words. In her free time, she enjoys taking Zumba, hiking, mountain biking and running with her dog.

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Gina Torres Belly Dance 
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